Heavy engineering and fabrication specialist Parnis Manufacturing has successfully completed a fast track project to supply skids and enclosures for three skid-mounted substations for Schneider Electrics. The large mining skids are bound for Panama.

Parnis Manufacturing project manager Manuel Di Giovanni says by carefully planning ahead during the design stages, and through a close partnership with the customer and other stakeholders, the three medium voltage (MV) transformers could even be delivered ahead of schedule.

The units will be powering machinery such as mining shovels at First Quantum Mineral’s new Cobre Panama copper project, as well as the mine’s primary crushing circuit. The large open pit copper mine will operate in four zones over an expansive area of 13 600 hectares.

“The mining skids allow the units to be moved from one position to another in the open pit, following the movement of the mining machines,” says Di Giovanni.

The company also fabricated the enclosures for each of the mining skids which house the three transformers, which will step down the power from the primary 33.5 KV network to 7.2 KV. The enclosures have a ‘cake lid’ design, being placed over the equipment after it is fitted into the skid.

“This provided a much quicker solution, and was in line with the modular design of the whole project, including the electrical components,” he says.

He emphasises the close collaboration between Schneider Electric and Parnis Manufacturing to provide the best construction solution, alongside the level of flexibility and adaptability that Parnis brings to every project.

“We are known for providing practical solutions from a manufacturing and cost perspective, without sacrificing quality,” says Di Giovanni. “So we are able to assure customers that the product will meet the structural and mechanical specifications as well as the time deadlines.”

He emphasises that Parnis Manufacturing ensures a fit-for-purpose and workable solution by applying its expertise and experience in constructability.

“We do not just manufacture, but rather focus on the solutions that will serve what the client is aiming to achieve,” he says. “We think ahead to anticipate potential issues that could arise, so that these can be addressed in good time without disrupting the project.”

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