Ministry of Mines Cameroon

Ministry of Mines Cameroon.

The Ministry of Mines Cameroon with full name Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development Cameroon sanctions most

Ministry of Mines Cameroon
ERNEST GBWABOUBOU, Minister of Mines,Industry and Technological Development

mining gold deals in the country. This is because the country still encourages artisanal mining.

The Artisanal Mining sector of Cameroon is a largely unregulated sector plagued by fatal accidents, smuggling, child labor and environmental damage. The government of Cameroon now supervises artisanal operations and give miners easier access to financing, but progress has been slow.

The full intervention from the Ministry of Mines in every gold sale is to put an end to gold trafficking. It was reported that about 49% of the country’s gold is being exported illegally to Nigeria and Ghana. This led to the introduction of the CEMAC Buyers Permit which is similar to the Kimberley Process. Anybody looking to buy gold online from Cameroon or any Central African state needs this CEMAC Buyers Permit for free passage to trade. This CEMAC Buyers Permit costs $7,500 and not $5,500.

Ministry of Mines Cameroon Scam.

Going through the internet you will see about 10 sites all claiming to be the Ministry of Mines Cameroon. These are all fake sites owned by gangsters whose only purpose is to make you part ways with your hard earned money. You must be careful with the kind of people you talk to especially those claiming to work in the Cameroon Ministry of Mines.

There is only one Ministry of Mines Cameroon and most of the sites you see online have been set up by con artists. The con artists know about the CEMAC Buyers Permit and so have replicated the Ministry of Mines Cameroon. When you contact these scammers claiming to sell gold, they send you to the fake Ministry of Mines Cameroon. There they give you a similar procedure only you are not paying money to the real Ministry of Mines Cameroon. After you get the fake CEMAC Buyers Permit from them they start asking you for more money.

With over 90% of those claiming to sell gold in Cameroon being fake, you need to be very careful when dealing with a vendor in Cameroon.

At Buy Gold Online Directory we have been able to help over 200 clients buy gold online from Cameroon and the numbers keep increasing daily. Our mission is to create a scam free platform where both buyers and sellers can do business so everybody will benefit.

If you are in contact with anyone claiming to sell gold in Cameroon, send us their contact for verification. We will be able to tell you if they are real or fake. To see this through we will give them a call or go directly to their office.

Also if you need any document verified with the Ministry of Mines Cameroon, just send us an email or scanned copy and we will get back to you with the result same day.

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  1. Please would like to know if this gold seller is genuine and approved by the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon:
    TAX ID NO. CMR/016101/16
    ADDRESS: 23 Rue La Garrre Ayos Bertoua Cameroon

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