CEMAC Buyers Permit Scam

CEMAC Buyers Permit Scam.

There has been much talk about the CEMAC Buyers Permit Scam and we receive tons of emails everyday of people getting scammed.

You should know that the CEMAC Buyers Permit (CBP) is Real and any business person looking to buy gold from the CEMAC Region needs this document.

We have been doing write ups for the past 3 years trying to educate people on this but the amount of people getting scammed is alarming.

Below is a sample email we received from a victim:

”Mr. Jean Kisito claiming to work with the Cameroon mines Ministry scammed me out of more than $20,000 for fake Cemac buyers permit fraud and other documents and fee ,this bastard has brought problem into my company and now i meet many other buyers who was also scammed by Jean kisito they are fraud the real ministry of mines
in Cameroon does not have website and their office is at the postayaounde.

The scammers prey on people looking to buy gold cheap. Why would anyone sell at such a cheap price when they can send gold directly to any world refinery and get paid only .5-3% below world price ?

Those who follow these cheap prices always end up losing money.

Why people fall for the CEMAC Buyers Permit Scam ?

Scammers have cloned the Cameroon Ministry of Mines Website and use this to scam innocent victims offering the CEMAC Permit for $5,500 for 5 years and $3,500 for 2 years. The real cost of the CEMAC Buyers Permit is $8,500 and there is no Two year option.

It should be noted that none of this people have any gold and what they will give you in return is just a fake document.

Beware of this fake Ministry of Mines Websites and note that genuine gold vendors do not need to post on free classified sites when they can sell directly to any refinery in the world for a greater profit.

How to successfully buy gold from Africa

If you are in contact with anyone claiming to sell gold from Cameroon or any other country in Africa, send us their contact details for verification. Our services are free, we work directly with the Ministry of Mines and Chamber of Commerce trying to make gold trade scam-free.

There is a great market here for anyone looking to buy gold but you must be in contact with the right people to make it possible.

Buy Gold online Directory is an organization dedicated to providing first hand information on how to successfully buy gold online and avoid scam in Africa.

Gold mining in the CEMAC region is mostly artisanal and we know a lot of these local mining companies. Send inquiries if you are looking to buy gold and we will send you a list of miners to choose from.

Contact us today and avoid getting scammed.

If you are looking for a genuine gold vendor, then send inquiry and we will send you a list of those who currently have stock to meet your demands.

5 thoughts on “CEMAC Buyers Permit Scam”

  1. Good day – I have a James from the Mbalang local gold miners +23778386581 that has been asking me to pay $7500 for CEMAC permit – he gave me an e mail address [email protected] and business license numbers, tax numbers etc –
    so when I put those numbers in on the website het gave me http://www.minmidt-govt.com it approves everything – but when i put it into the http://www.cammines.com or http://www.minmidt-govt.net it gets declined.
    I presume this is a scammer.
    Can you assist I have very good buyers in Hong Kong looking for gold.
    I have only come across scammers…

  2. I am seeking ligimate sellers of gold in the Cameroon.
    Can you send me the list of sellers to choose from.

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated

  3. Dear Team,

    I like to buy the Gold Bars for doing the business in my country.

    Please help me to get Gold Bars from genuine vendor and lead to get the Cemac Buyers Permit.

    Initially I will buy the Gold Bars is 1/2 and 1/2kg on daily basis. Because I have small investment only.

    Thanks and Regards,

    P David Raj

  4. Hi, I have got a serious buyer for Gold in Hong Kong and Dubai. I’m looking for serious sellers in Cameroon, Ghana, or Mali.

    Contact me urgently via email or whatsapp +264811262571

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