Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

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Best Place to buy gold bars online – Buy Gold bars online Africa and avoid scams

Best Place to buy Gold bars online Africa

Best Place to buy Gold bars online Africa

Best Place to buy Gold bars online Africa

Best Place to buy Gold bars online Africa

Are you looking for the best Place to buy Gold bars online Africa.

Buy Gold Online Directory has a team of experts dedicated to helping you get the best deals for gold  and avoid losing your money to scam artists.

When it comes to gold mining, West Africa has become a hot spot. The region is home to many exploration companies, as well as a slew of major companies focused on extracting the metal.

Contact us today to get a list of every trusted vendor and buy gold bars online from Africa.

Making real money though involves you getting passed the middle man companies and buy directly from the local artisan miners. With the local miners you benefit from great prices and make real profits.

This Directory will help you get in contact with local miners and also help you avoid scams while trading in West Africa.

There are have been many reports about people getting scammed and losing money online trying to buy gold. The number has greatly reduced with the governments working with their various Ministries of Mines and Chamber of Commerce.

It is very difficult for these scammers to rip people. A registration system has been created whereby every company is registered with the Ministry of Mines and Chamber of commerce. So, it is now very easy to verify a vendor’s legitimacy.

This verification process can also be done online. If you are in contact with any vendor who claims to sell gold online, tell them to send you their Company Registration documents or simply ask for the following :

  • Export Business License No.
  • Taxpayer Identification No. (TIN)
  • Company Registration number

When they send you the above information, you send to us. We will take the information, verify with their Ministry of Mines or Chamber of Commerce and get back to let you know if they are legit or fake.

This system was created to help reduce the gold seller scam in Africa which increases everyday and many buyers lose money online. It has been very effective so far.

Contact us today if you are looking to order gold bars online . You can send a direct email to: [email protected]