Parnis Completes Skid-Mounted Substations For Panama

Heavy engineering and fabrication specialist Parnis Manufacturing has successfully completed a fast track project to supply skids and enclosures for three skid-mounted substations for Schneider Electrics. The large mining skids are bound for Panama. Parnis Manufacturing project manager Manuel Di Giovanni says by carefully planning ahead during the design stages, Continue Reading

Africa hampering sustainable development due to over-reliance on extractive industries

Economic history has shown that, without diversification into manufacturing and services and away from simple resource extraction, the long-term development prospects of countries are always bleak. The need for economic diversification in Africa is high, more so given that the growth cycle is at a low point. This is according Continue Reading

Onde comprar ouro no Brasil

Onde comprar ouro no Brasil Você está procurando onde comprar ouro no Brasil? A mineração de ouro costumava ser a atividade econômica mais importante do Brasil, mas anos de exploração levaram a reservas esgotadas desse recurso. No século 20, a mina de Serra Pelada, localizada no estado brasileiro do Pará, Continue Reading