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Best Place to buy gold bars online – Buy Gold bars online Africa and avoid scams

Buy Gold Online Directory

 Buy Gold Online Directory

Buy Gold Online Directory is your stop if you are looking to make it big in the gold business in Africa. We have sanctioned  Buy Gold Online Directoryover 100 deals with every buyer leaving satisfied and very happy. Our job is a very simple one, creating a scam free platform for genuine vendors and buyers from all over the world.

How you normally buy gold versus how you buy gold with the help of BGOD and make double the profit

How you normally buy gold:

The first place that you might have on your list of sources for buying gold is The United States Mint. Unfortunately, they are rather restrictive about who they sell to in bulk. In order to become a United States Mint bulk purchaser, the applicant must be either a licensed full-time “coin-dealer”, a licensed business involved in precious metals or the numismatic coin industry, or a licensed retailer or financial institution. If you are not one of the preceding licensees then this option is closed to you.  So while The US Mint is a good source for small purchases, for the bulk buyer, it is often not an option.

Online gold retailers are another option someone wishing to buy gold in bulk or at wholesale prices might turn to.

How Buy Gold Online Directory helps you buy gold:

If you are looking to make it big in the gold business then you need to buy gold from Africa. Whether buying it online or traveling personally to buy, the best place to buy gold for a profit is in Africa.

Because gold mining in Africa is mostly artisanal, it means the local communities are in control of this gold and often sell below the world market price. BGOD will help you buy gold bars cheap and link you directly with the local miners. No paying huge sums of money on VAT and taxes.

Buying gold online from Africa too is not as easy as it sounds because there are many fake people online claiming to sell gold. There are about 100 sites all claiming to sell gold but will only take your money and ask for more.

Buy Gold Online Directory has set up a platform where you can successfully buy gold online wherever you are in the world and have it delivered to your refinery without any problems.

We send you a list of the most verified gold vendors in Africa and will also help you with whatever documentation that is needed.

Choose Buy Gold Online Directory and buy gold bars cheap today.

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