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Cameroon Ministry of Mines Scam

Cameroon Ministry of Mines Scam

Cameroon Ministry of Mines Scam

Cameroon Ministry of Mines Scam

An in-depth look into the Cameroon Ministry of Mines scam that has defrauded many of millions.

The Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Developments abbreviated in french MINMIDT meaning Ministère des Mines, des Industries et des Dévelopements Technologiqgbues is an organ responsible for smooth gold trading.

There have been numerous reports of people getting scammed trying to buy gold from Cameroon through the Ministry of Mines. The buyers are asked to get the CEMAC Buyers Permit or license after which more money is demanded and no gold sent to them.

This is a great concern to the Cameroon gold trading companies as more and more investors look at the market with disdain.

The CEMAC Buyers Permit is real but scammers now use it to defraud legitimate gold buyers from potentially thousands of US dollars their route, being the Ministry of Mines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you avoid the Cameroon Ministry of Mines scam thereby buying gold without any hassles.

These scammers are intelligent and have cloned the Ministry of Mines website. There are about 20 different Ministry of Mines currently all with different domain extensions.

Below is a selection of fake Cameroon Ministry of Mines websites:

  • Home – MINMIDT-Ministry of Mines Cameroon (Official Website) <>
  • Home – Ministry of Mines Cameroon (Official – MINMIDT <›
  • CAPAM – Cameroon Ministry of Mines and Technological <>
  • Cameroon | Ministry of Mines | Cameroon <>
  • Minmidt Cameroun – Cameroon Ministry of Mines <>
  • Secretariat – Cameroon Ministry of Mines and Technological <>
  • Connection – Cameroon Ministry of Mines and Technological <>
  • Report Cemac Buyer’s Permit Fraud – CEMAC PERMITS<>
  • CEMAC Buyer’s Permit – Bonas Gold <>
  • cemac buyers permit – Buy Gold and Diamond online <

The above list is just a few and we will be updating it from time to time. If you are in contact with any of the above, please seize all communications immediately.

Buy Gold safely

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