1kg gold dore bars

$45,000.00 $30,000.00

Buy Gold online Hong Kong

1. Carat – 24.78
2. Purity – 98.9%
3. Quantity – Gold dore bars (1Kilo Gold bar x 150)


Buy Gold online Hong Kong.

If you are looking to buy gold online Hong Kong then you are at the right place. We are Buy Gold Inline Directory a company dedicated to providing first hand information on how to successfully buy gold dore bars and avoid getting scammed.

Gold investors continually search for the best place to buy gold which means an area where you can get the metal for below the spot price. One of the best places to buy gold in recent times is Hong Kong. Why is this and does this makes Hong Kong the cheapest place to buy gold?

Gold is very popular in Hong Kong, and there are several factors behind this. The first of these is its closeness to India and China, two of the biggest gold consumers in the world. Hong Kong is an autonomous region, but one that is still technically a part of China, and over 50% of all exports leaving the region go back into China, which much of the imports also coming from China. Add to this the fact that Hong Kong has one of the richest luxury jewellery industries in the world, and the fact that the Chinese are some of the biggest buyers of these items, and you have a market where the base materials, including gold, silver and gemstones, sell in abundance.

Hong Kong is a nice place to visit and so attracts a lot of tourists. With over 43% of its workforce involved in the hotel trade. Not only will tourists typically spend more than locals, but they will also gladly pay for luxury goods that they would have never given a second thought to back home.

Price of gold in Hong Kong

The price depends on what you buy and how much of it you buy. If you take advantage of the gold storage solutions, then you are eliminating the need for packaging and for shipment, and your gold is simply moved to a secure vault, before a certificate is mailed to you to prove ownership of that gold. In such cases the only thing you pay is a small subscription cost, and when you want the gold shipped to your address then you add the shipping on top of that.

When it comes to physical bullion bought directly from the producer, then you can get very close to spot price, and the more you buy, the closer you can get. As is usually the case with this product, if you are buying in very small quantities then you will pay much more, sometimes even 2x spot, and if you live overseas then you will also need to add the shipping costs on top of that.

Where to buy gold dore bars and make massive profit

Hong Kong falls among one of the best places to buy gold online. If you are looking to make real money then buy gold dore bars from Africa.

Africa has become one of the best places to buy gold dore bars of purity 98%. These bars sell for way below spot price. People have made millions investing in Africa, buying gold dore bars from local artisanal miners and then transporting it to a refinery for purification.

We at Buy Gold online directory have been helping people sanction gold deals in Africa at very good prices. We are the perfect solution in a market filled with fraudsters. Send inquiries if you are a gold investor looking to buy Gold online Hong Kong.





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