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Best Place to buy gold bars online – Buy Gold bars online Africa and avoid scams

Where to buy gold Hong Kong

Where to buy gold Hong Kong

Where to buy gold Hong Kong

Where to buy gold Hong Kong. We are Buy Gold Online Directory a company that helps you buy gold dore bars, coins, bullion bars and other precious metals cheap and without losing money. We know about the difficulty buying gold online and so have set up a system that protects both the buyer and seller.

If you are in Hong Kong and are looking to make money in the gold business, then we urge you to buy gold dore bars from Africa instead. These gold dore bars are 98.9% pure and still needs to be refined but they sell for as low as 12% below spot price in some places. People have made millions working with us. Take advantage of these low prices and buy gold from Africa today.

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Gold in Hong Kong

Gold is abundant in this part of the world, with a large portion of the population looking to buy and sell, helped by a rich populous, a burgeoning jewellery industry and its closeness to some of the biggest gold consuming countries in the world.

The easiest way to buy gold in Hong Kong is through gold storage vaults. That is you buy gold that will be stored in a vault, with you receiving a certificate to prove that you own it. There is a big concern about this method, and in some cases the gold you purchase doesn’t even exist. In most cases you can arrange delivery of the gold when needed and if you go through a company like Gold-broker then you can visit your holding at any time and the rules that usually apply to storage companies, making them a less viable option, do not apply here. The benefits of storage are that it is much safer than keeping gold in your own home, and for a small monthly fee you can buy as much gold as you want for close to spot price.

Buying gold from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a good place to buy gold but if you are looking to make real money in the gold trade then we advice you buy gold dore bars from Africa.

Africa is a haven for the gold business with some countries producing about 2.81 million ounces each year. This miners are mostly artisanal(local) and so sell at the spot as soon as it leaves the ground. They sell for very low prices and you can buy for almost 12% below the world price. This makes Africa the best place to buy gold for a huge profit.

Buy Gold Online Directory is a research company dedicated to bring first hand information to all gold investors about the availability of of gold. Our main focus is to make sure you buy gold anywhere in the World without losing money.

Through our research we have made contact with many artisanal mining companies and so have a list of all those who currently have stock of gold.

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Where to buy gold Hong Kong