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Where to buy gold in Brazil

Where to buy gold in Brazil

Where to buy gold in Brazil

Are you looking for where to buy gold in Brazil ?

Gold mining used to be Brazil’s most important economical activity, but years of exploitation have lead to depleted reserves of this resource.

In the 20th century, the mine of Serra Pelada, located in the Brazilian state of Pará, was once the largest active open mine in the world. Predatory exploitation led to an exhaustion of the mine, and gold panners started looking for different economic activities. Today, the biggest amount of gold from Brazil is explored by large multinational companies, but there are still some individuals trying their luck in this activity.

For an investor in Brazil looking to buy gold and avoid high prices, the best option is to buy from Africa. It is very difficult for an individual investor to compete with the multinational companies in Brazil who own about 60% of the mines.

How to buy gold from Brazil

A suitable option for any Brazilian investor will be to buy gold from Africa and have it refined in Brazil. Africa has the best market for gold at the moment and this is mainly due to the cheap prices. They sell gold cheap way below the spot market price.

When you buy gold directly from Africa, you avoid the Royalties – formally known as CFEM, acronym for Compensação Financeira pela Exploração de Recursos Minerais and regular Mining taxes.

It should be noted that Africa offers Gold dore bars which are not 100% pure and hence has to be refined to have a finished product.

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Gold Rush in Brazil

The video below shows gold rush in Brazil.It is a documentary about gold mining in Brazil.


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